About Latino Press

Latino Press is the largest and most popular Hispanic publishing company in the metropolitan area and SE Michigan, based in Detroit. Our experience and services for 30 years have allowed us to be recognized as “the leading voice in the community”.

The wide range of our publications allowed us to better serve the Hispanic community and also non-Hispanics, establishing a bridge as a commitment to boost the economy of our state and the constant development of our communities.

Weekly Latino Press newspaper (Friday)
Latino Press weekly news bulletin with our latest edition.
Sent by email to 5,000 contacts and in addition to the weekly social media promotion.

MISSION: Our mission is to keep our readers well informed to meet their needs of daily life. At Latino Press we have become the Hispanic media of greatest demand and prestige by providing our readers with timely and reliable information.

VISION: Through our experience in the Hispanic market, with the constant innovation of marketing strategies and the ongoing participation of Latino Press in different events, we can offer our advertisers the visibility and presence they need to address the Hispanic market.

We have unique tools that assure our clients: quality, professionalism and results.

This also allows us to visualize and plan the future according to the growth of our communities.

Being aware of your needs encourages us to continue working to be part of this process.

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