Comerica Bank’s Michigan Hispanic Business Resource donated 245 new backpacks

Comerica Bank’s Michigan Hispanic Business Resource donated 245 new backpacks.

LaToya Rowell: VP, Community Affairs Manager at Comerica Bank

“Since March of 2020, education has undoubtedly been one of the most disrupted aspects of life as we knew it. Learning environments varied widely from school to school and week to week. While teachers and students gained their footing and re-adjusted to in-person learning in 2021 the need for essential school supplies continues to be an ongoing issue.

Led by Comerica Bank’s Michigan Hispanic Business Resource Group we recently donated 245 new backpacks filled with over 6,000 brand new pens, erasers, notebooks, pencil bags, highlighters, folders and scissors to K – 5th grade students Harms Elementary in Detroit. By providing those critical core supplies to the most vulnerable students, learning can continue without placing the financial burden on teachers to furnish their classroom needs.

The activity has become an annual tradition for the Michigan Hispanic BRG team. At Comerica we are committed to providing youth with the skills, knowledge and tools needed for a successful future.

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Anna Guerra, Yolanda Serra, Irvin Ashford, Jr., Patricia McCann, CDP, Fredy Salguero, CDP, Linda Nosegbe, Sonya Trac, MPA, CDP, Sineria Ordóñez, Hassan Melhem, CDP, Vanessa Reed, SVP, Brandon Q. Jones, Wendy Holmes, CDP (she/her), Araceli Hernandez-Galvan, Niki Forward-Conner, CRCM, Ferdinand Delavega.”

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