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June 4 March to End Gun Violence in Wake of Horrific Mass Shootings in New York and Texas.

Silence the Violence March, June 4, 10:00 AM, Church of the Messiah, 231 E. Grand Boulevard, Detroit

Detroit – Our hearts are broken after a week of horrific mass shootings in Buffalo, New York and Uvalde, Texas. We stand with the families who have lost so much.

In both of these cases, men armed with assault rifles and clad in body armor committed mass murder. Even armed security guards and multiple police officers were unable to stop the shooters initially due to their overwhelming firepower and body armor. Assault rifles and body armor are military equipment that have no place in a civil society.

Bills to provide for safe storage of firearms, remove firearms from the homes of dangerous or unstable individuals, and create universal background checks have languished in Michigan’s legislature for years without a hearing.

“It has been 6 months since the tragic school shooting in Oxford, Michigan, and already we are overwhelmed with more mass killings. In that 6 months, the Michigan legislature has done absolutely nothing to stop it from happening again. And we can see that it will happen again and again unless we change our laws. We’re calling for all people of conscience to march with us on June 4 to demand our politicians put our lives and our children’s lives ahead of the demands of the gun lobby,” said Pastor Barry Randolph of Church of the Messiah.

End Gun Violence Michigan invites the public to show their support for common sense gun reforms June 4, at 10 AM during the Silence the Violence March, at Church of the Messiah, at 231 E Grand Boulevard in Detroit. Silence the Violence has been organized by Church of the Messiah for 15 years.

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