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Stephanie Coney, London Consulting Firm.

Save Money! Find a Great Rate for Insurance with Us. In this month’s edition of De Mujer a Mujer (Woman to Woman), we are pleased to introduce you to a strong entrepreneur woman from SW Detroit.

By: Sandra Hernandez

“I’m very passionate about providing good services and educating our community about the importance of having and keeping insurance”.

Stephanie Coney, a native of Detroit began her insurance career in March 2000. She worked for several major insurance carriers. Soon into her career in the insurance industry she developed a passion for customizing packages for clients.

Who is Stephanie Coney, and where are you from?

“I’m Stephanie Coney. I am a product of Southwest Detroit. I attended Holy Redeemer for Elementary and Middle school. I graduated from Western High School. I’m a proud cowgirl and my very first job at age 16 was in Southwest Detroit at the Burger King located on Livernois and Vernor. I’m Southwest Detroit and a licensed insurance broker. I’m able to offer various different products and various different carriers. At the moment we have about 10 to 50 different carriers and we offer home, auto, renters, motorcycle insurance commercial, workers comp, pretty much you name it, we offer it here”, she said.

Tell us about your life. How did you decide to create your independent business?

“I’ve been in the insurance industry for a little over 20 years now and I began my career at AAA Michigan headquarters in Dearborn. From there I moved to State Farm and then I went to Liberty Mutual. Then I had the opportunity to migrate to Atlanta, Georgia. I”ll be honest, I transferred my job from Liberty Mutual there and then is when the entrepreneurial bug hit me, it’s very contagious in Atlanta and while I was there that’s when I came up with the name and the whole concept of the London consulting firm”, Coney said.

What projects have you done for the community?

“I’m a founding member of Business Alianzas as well as a member of Puente Cultural and I have participated with small business owners in this community. As far as guiding them and educating them about the importance of having insurance and particularly business insurance. A lot of people think that insurance is just a piece of paper and it’s more than just a piece of paper. That one piece of paper could be the difference from you being sued or having all of your assets taken away because something maybe not necessary that you did, but one of your employees or one of your independent contractors. So educating and guiding our small businesses owners and the other entrepreneurs on the importance of having insurance and getting the right type of insurance”.

What services does London offer?

“We offer personal line and commercial lines insurance. I’m from this community and I’m very passionate about the services that I provide. I also have a very soft spot for our Hispanic Community here because I studied here and had the opportunity to be a foreign exchange student so a lot of people don’t know that, In Patzcuaro Michoacan. So, I’m very passionate about providing good services and educating our community about the importance of having and keeping insurance”.

What are your main achievements?

“My main achievements would be stepping out on faith and starting this business. It’s very scary to go out and step out on your own and start your own business. I’m a proud one-woman operation at the moment and looking to grow. I’m in the position to grow.

That’s one of my greatest achievements, stepping out and starting this agency”.

Finally, would you send a message to the women in SW Detroit who would like to pursue a career of their own.

My message to women pursuing a career on their own is to be passionate and intentional about what it is they wish to accomplish. Don’t be afraid to dream and set realistic goals that lead to the path that you know you want to travel on. Last but not least, enjoy the ride!

How can we contact you?

“Our office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., we are located at Latino Press building 6301 Michigan Ave. Detroit, MI. Call us 01 (800) 651-9142”.

Contact: E-mail:

Facebook: London Consulting and Insurance

Youtube: Stephanie Coney

Instagram: @coney30

Twitter: @msSconey

LinkedIn: Stephanie Coney


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