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A special ceremony was held with City of Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan, Wayne County Executive Warren Evans, and other local community and business leaders on Friday, March 19. 
Photo by Latino Press, left to right Maria Holmes from Comcast, City of Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan, Wayne County Executive Warren Evans and Sylvia Lozoya from Alliance Catholic Credit Union.

Latino Press, the largest and most widely recognized Hispanic publication in southeast Michigan, has officially launched My SW Office to provide a workspace for startups and professionals in Southwest Detroit. The space, which is located at 6301 Michigan Ave. in Detroit, is creatively designed to provide a friendly environment thus enhancing creativity and teamwork. 

Elias M. Gutierrez message 

“I want to thank the authorities, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and Wayne County CEO Warren Evans, for their presence supporting this project. 

Special thanks to the organizations that supported this project with grants, they are Wayne County, DEGC and SDBA. 

Thanks to the sponsors of this event Alliance Catholic Credit Union and especially thanks to Comcast, which from the beginning of this project and in the next three years will be the provider of high technology, I personally thank Maria Holmes and Pam Dove for supporting me. 
For years, I have been helping many companies grow, but the time has come to grow with more tools, that is why we have created this place to be an incubator of the new business society of SW Detroit. 
In this area we have concentrated a wealth of new entrepreneurs of all kinds of jobs. 
We, Immigrants, have shown strength, passion and determination, we just need to be guided, learn the basics, the rest depends on us. 

Starting today, with the support of the city of Detroit, Wayne County, and sponsors, a new era begins in this area, where the American dream will be lived from this co-working place.” 
Mike Duggan message 

“Well, congratulations to Elias and the entire team they turned it to a center of hopes and dreams for people started their new business, I had to be here, for me this is very personal, this vision, that immigrants can come to this city and start companies and like. In the 1800’s my great grandfather, Michael Catlin, came from Ireland and opened a Men’s shop right down the street in Michigan and 31st and he married Lina who was an immigrant from Germany and right across the street in Michigan and 31st she opened a shop where the earliest female business owners; and I am here today because this was a neighborhood where immigrants could come with dreams could find support, but one thing I’m sure is my great grandparents didn’t have a SW office with all this business support on how to start your company, so, I m just so pleased to see what you’ve done with this. You start a company, you cannot afford an office space in downtown, you cannot afford maybe an entire retail space to get started, but you can start here and get your plans together and that it’s gonna be making a very special place.” 

Warren Evans message 

“It is important for immigrant communities and distress communities and folks and people to have to support mechanism outside the ethnic support or the neighborhood support, and that’s huge and that’s makes a world of difference, but also makes a world’s of difference to have a place like this where not only businesses can incubate and have a space to do it, but also they get to feed off the business starting next to it and other ways, because I mean, nobody gets all the answers, and the more we help each other the more we build community and the stronger it is. Your vision and your money behind your vision, is the kind of things that makes the communities successful and more successful. I’ve done a lot last year, with grants for small businesses because I realize that’s the backbone of our community, it really is, and so we are hoping businesses getting rebound from this pandemic we hope they are, but they need support, they need our support, they need to know that government is there to assist them not to make life more complicated for them.” 

For more details about My SW Office, including membership plans, special events and additional details, please visit For more than 24 years, the Latino Press has been recognized as “the leader voice in the community” for its experience and services. It offers a wide range of publications to better serve the Hispanic community as well as the non-Hispanic community, establishing a bridge between the two. For more information, visit

Special thanks to Michael Odom, VP Marx Layne & Company

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