Nominate a Regional Ambassador

2023 Regional Ambassadors Claude Molinari and Eric Sabree.

The Regional Ambassador Award is SEMCOG’s highest honor for individuals and organizations making Southeast Michigan a better place for families and to live and work. As we celebrate 50 years of honoring Regional Ambassadors, SEMCOG is opening the nominations process for this award to ensure that leaders from every corner of the region are recognized. 

Regional Ambassadors seek to support and influence those working beyond their own sphere of authority to develop and cultivate a shared investment in the success of Southeast Michigan

The Regional Ambassador Award is a symbol of the foresight, courage, and persistence that it takes to be a champion for the greater region, beyond a single community or organization.

Please take a moment to nominate someone who is working hard for the betterment of Southeast Michigan. Nominations must be received by May 13, 2024.

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